Was Ihnen die 6. Wiener Resilienz Konferenz geboten hat!

The notion of resilience has been around for decades but has gained importance as we witness disruption in many major systems (e.g., economic, climate, biodiversity, equity, and human health) and wonder whether we are nearing any irreversible tipping points.

Hier finden Sie das spannende Programm und die Mitschnitte der Konferenz des 07. April 2021 hier:

14:00 Opening V. Streibel & B. Fath: Video

14:00 – 14:25 Key Note The 'transformability' aspect of resilienceI. Darnhofer: Video

14:25-15:55 Session 1: 4x15min Talks + 30min Discussion 

  1. Ecological Principles and Network MutualismB.D. Fath: Video
  2. Network Synergism: Ecology’s Invisible Hand?B.C. Patten: Video 
  3. Window of Vitality: A Robust World has Trade-OffsR.E. Ulanowicz: Video
  4. Is Most always Best? The Dynamics of Ecosystem Integrity and Services vs. Resilience and Adaptability- F. Mueller: Video

Discussion – Chair U. Scharler: Video

15:50-16:00 Break

16:00-17:40 Session 2: 4x15min talks + 30min Discussion

  1. Openness Management - Between Construction, Destruction and Re-ConstructionS.N. Nielsen: Video
  2. What Ecological Principles can say about SustainabilityS. Bastianoni: Video
  3. The Game of Possibilities for Sustaining Coastal Ecosystems under Global Climate ChangeJ.C. Marques: Video
  4. Applying Ecosystem Principles on Designing Innovation Ecologies – H. Katzmair: Video

Discussion – Chair F. Morandi: Video

17:40-18:00 Summary & Closing Remarks H. Katzmair: Video

Auf unserem Youtube Kanal finden Sie auch das gesamte Video: